What I learned from my sandwich today

27 Aug


Just when I thought that I have learned as much vegetarianism (being as though I myself have been twice) , veganism (my brother being one for 7 years), and just plain out eating healthy… Whole Foods comes out with this awesome, reassuring system to let me know how they take care of the cows, pigs, and chicken before I go ahead and eat it. 

MORE on the 5-Step Program.

I really do believe that our bodies are our vehicle of life, therefore you must treat it like so and feed it the best that you can possible afford to get. I will pay the extra bucks to feel better, feed my brain with the proper nutrients… not adding any foreign chemicals. (the least that I can take)

Eliminate any future plastic surgery and do it the old fashion way. No smoking, exercise and good nutrition are a good combo, I believe, to help me in my journey of happy moods and the extra energy I seek for. I hear eating fish works wonder… I will try and implement more into my diet. 



Newspaper Extravaganza

20 Aug


Just when you thought it was safe to read the title to your newspaper, it get interrupted with this new ad space to go on top of the header. Wonder how much for that ad space. Anyway, it bright and loud enough I felt to bring up for discussion. What do you think?

Tj Maxx

16 Aug

ImageThis caught my attention at the cashier register of my random shopping extravaganza. From the look of it it is donations being sent to an organization, but what caught my eye was moreso the nicknames the kids were using on the labels. It was adorable… still don’t know what it’s about though. Oops!

Motivation from out of the blue.

15 Aug


This was found on the checkout of Trader Joe’s, Encino.

This definitely helps me because I have been indulging myself with various motivational speakers through videos and reading their articles. Sometimes people want the immediate reward, when in fact we should be content and realize that no matter how far or close we are to our goals, there is room to pause time and enjoy the present. The present is where we often times forget about. It’s the time to take to take a breather and be grateful for having all what you have, for we always have something good going on in our lives. This feeling to which we often times look past, actually gives us the energy to move forward and advance smoothly and quickly.

Have a wonderful day:)

Playing in the sand.

13 Aug


As I was hiding out of the heat from the San Fernando Valley, we went out to Leo Carillo Beach and made some progress with the sand in front of us. What started out as a castle, soon became an Olympic Icon. And although I didn’t get around to see the Spice Girls in the ending ceremony for the Olympics, I made this amazing art piece instead. Well worth it, indeed!


10 Aug


What’s wrong with this icon not representing the phone correctly. You see the real one is split in half. I am not even mentioning all the wrongness going on in it’s environment. 

Let’s just say this makes me appreciate my iphone a helluva lot more than my usual gratitude feeling.


-Have a good weekend! 

Sailor Jerry

9 Aug


Now when they have written down “Don’t drive and drive” sign on a truck clear as day, advertising for an alcohol beverage by the name of “Sailor Jerry” can get a bit confusing for me. To drink while driving an alcohol advertsing truck or not? … that is the question. -asks the driver of this truck, to himself.

Should people worry?

8 Aug


I sure hope the cups are not what is holding the soda machine to my beverage :p

Roast of Roseanne

6 Aug


I was here Saturday night, for the taping of Roseanne Barr.


Feminist Pioneer: Fun/ Awesome fact about her that will have you giving more kudo points for her as a person throughout her career.

The stage they had for her had some really neat pictures of her posed as Che Guevara, Medusa, Wonder woman,  amongst other iconic (mostly) women pictures.

Random observation: Katey Segal looked absolutely amazing. No one else did otherwise. She stood out by default. Good for her. She’s awesome. Check her out in “Sons of Anarchy”.

Back to the event:

Even though when you think of a roast, you are inclined to think the one being honored is going to get ripped a new one? I keep forgetting, that everyone in passing get stabs whilst in the process of doing so. Seth Green, Wayne Brandy, everyone gets a little punch and jab, too. haha.


It was fun to hear her running for Presidency this year for the Peace & Freedom Party.

Roseanne Barr for President 2012

-good to know we have options:)

She to me gives me hope to stand up for myself, ask more of myself, as an american, a woman, a human being with entitlements and opinions. I figure it is always good to have strong people with traits to which you adrmire. It’s healthy.


I’m sure dogs will understand the message.

3 Aug


or just poo on the sign. Either way, it’s an attempt of a sign nonetheless:)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Beware of who or where your dog poops on.